To read the background of Mars 2020 mission, I would strongly suggest you to read part 1 of this series. This blog covers the technicality behind the mission.

In January 2016, the Mars 2020 project added Terrain Relative Navigation to the project baseline. This new capability helps the mission avoid large hazards in the landing ellipse, which enables the consideration of landing sites that more geologically diverse than before. This diversity should improve the quality of the samples collected by Mars 2020 for possible future return to earth. …

When the news of Perseverance rover landing successfully on the surface of Mars rolled out, I wondered what is unhackneyed about it. There are numerous rovers that have been sent to the planet, so why is everyone excited for this nth one. On exploring a bit more, I came across the term ‘Ingenuity’.

NASA’s Perseverance rover could fundamentally change how we see the red planet and our place in the universe over the course of its mission, as it seeks out signs of past life. But it is not alone. …

While doing any development work, switching versions for dependencies is the major issue confronted by the developers. Ubuntu comes with default python2.7 version. It does have python3.5 on it, whose console can be invoked by running “python3” as a command from terminal but this is not a default version that implies all your installations and development work will be done on top of python2.7 by default. However,obsolescence of python2 has made python3 a prerequisite for most of the development work. Also, different pieces of codes demands for different versions of python to be executed. …

Kunika Valecha

Loves Linux, practices Computer Vision and VR, researches on ADAS. MS student at IIITB.

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